Plant Substrates

HYGROMIX® Ballast Lawn Support Layer

Ballast lawn areas give rise to planted park and exercise areas, which are designed ecologically sound and environmentally friendly, since the percolation capability and the soil air exchange are restored.

The main fields of application are infrequently used parking lots for cars and small trucks and buses, as well as emergency driving areas on roads (shoulders) and stationary and movement support surfaces for the fire department.

The ballast lawn support layer thus has to fulfil two criteria: on the one hand, it must have a sufficient load-bearing capacity and, on the other hand, it must have the specific properties of a vegetation layer.

HYGROMIX® ballast lawn support layer complies with the requirements of the FLL "Directive for the planning, execution and maintenance of plantable pavers".

Zoom, Gelsenkirchen
Zoom, Gelsenkirchen
Zoom, Gelsenkirchen
Heinrich-Hertz-Street, Darmstadt
Bad Nauheim

As well as the other substrates from the house of Gelsenrot, the HYGROMIX® Ballast Lawn Support Layer meets the FLL recommendations.

Current references: 
  • Rhine Dyke Construction, Kalkar
  • Gruga-Park, Essen
  • Marina/Sea-World, Oberhausen
  • Zoom Adventure Park, Gelsenkirchen
  • Festplatz, Reinheim