Plant Substrates

HYGROMIX® Plant Substrate TG

HYGROMIX® Plant Substrate TG is a further development of the well-proven plant substrate from GELSENROT for use in underground garages or other demanding, intensive planting situations such as, for example, alternating flora planting.

Due to its structural stability and high water storage capability, it is suitable for demanding, intensive multiple-layer construction and is an ideal vegetation base layer.

Lutherplatz, Worms
Lutherplatz, Worms
Lutherplatz, Worms
Messeparkhaus, Essen
LGS Bad Nauheim
City Hall Worms, Wechselflor
City Hall Worms, Wechselflor
Boule-square Dietzenbach
Olympic stadion Amsterdam
Martin-Luther-Place, Worms
Kaufland Bad Nauheim, Wechselflor
Michael Grzimek school, Frankfurt am Main
Neu Isenburg
Europaviertel, Frankfurt am Main
Blütenhof, Darmstadt
Theater, Darmstadt

In addition to being usable in underground garages or for filling plant troughs, it is also particularly suitable for the planting of taller shrubs and trees (with a corresponding building height).

HYGROMIX® Plant Substrate TG complies with the requirements of the FLL "Directive for the design, construction and maintenance of green roofs" - Green Roof Directive – 2008 edition.