Sports Ground Construction Material

... the effective maintenance construction material for tamped areas

Functional disturbances as a result of wear can be repaired fast through a well-proven maintenance idea, which is called "emaciation". A special maintenance building material is required for this.

GELSENROT® 1-3 compensates the finest component parts concentrated in the surface and binds them in. For cover revitalisation, a thin material coating of about 0.5 cm thickness every 2 - 3 years is sufficient.

The measure serves
  • for improvement of elasticity
  • to prevent siltation and dust formation
  • for the extension of service life by years

A dispersion layer of a thickness of 0.5 cm on 7,000 m2 requires approx. 50 tons of surface material. The application is completely problem-free, since it can be carried out manually or with the aid of a grit spreader. Subsequent rolling is not necessary. For repairs, i.e. backfilling of contaminants, reducing etc.GELSENROT® 0-3 normal cover mixture is required.