DARMSTÄDTER Tree Substrate
... more than just soil!

Already more than 20 years ago the DARMSTADT tree substrate was developed by the landscaping authority of the city of Darmstadt in cooperation with the company GELSENROT. It already fulfilled at the time today's requirements for tree nurseries of the FLL.
In addition, the DARMSTADT Tree Substrate fulfils the quality criteria for tree substrates (RAL-GZ-250-7).


Method 1 FLL of planted pits
Rathausplatz, Darmstadt
Telekom Allee, Darmstadt
Intended Use
  • New plantations of urban road trees
  • Tree location reconstructions
  • Big planting troughs for long-term planting with woody plants

The DARMSTAEDTER Tree Substrate can only be supplied from our works in Messel.