Tree Substrate

HYGROMIX® Tree Substrate
... more than just soil!

The demands of naturally grown forest trees and planted street trees must be considered very differently. HYGROMIX® Tree Substrate was therefore developed more than 15 years ago by GELSENROT®. This concerns a separation-secure, single-layer substrate, which is composed of select structure-stable component parts.

Method 1 FLL planted pits
Europaviertel, Frankfurt am Main
Ph├Ânix West, Dortmund
College, Recklinghausen
Archaeological museum, Herne
Archaeological museum, Herne

The HYGROMIX® Tree Substrate is to be used for filling of planting pits which are not subjected to stress or only lightly so. (Planting Pits Construction Method 1 of the FLL).

HYGROMIX® Tree Substrate can be supplied from our production works in Bottrop, Messel and Freiberg (Saxony) at low cost throughout Germany and to neighbouring countries.