Road Construction Materials

Recycling - Construction Materials

Why Recycling?

Raw materials are finite, therefore careful handling of these primary materials must be ensured for long-term supply. Recycling construction materials from GELSENROT® can make a decisive contribution to this.


RC 0-45, Parking Bottrop
RC 0-45, Parking Bottrop
RC 0-45, Construction area, Marl
RC 0-45, Construction area, Marl
RC 0-45, Construction area, Marl
RC 0-45, Hauf-factory

Recycling construction materials comprise mineral matter that had already been used before as natural or artificial mineral construction materials in compound or non-compound form. They are gained during conversion works, renaturation works or demolition works and are supplied according to the new intended purpose.


The main application area for recycling construction materials is at present for road construction, as well as for support layers in hall construction and industrial building construction. Through the use of RC products, we are able to offer a reasonable alternative to primary raw materials to the customer, which is equivalent from the aspect of the range of application. According to customer request, GELSENROT® can also assist with the installation of these raw material-preserving materials.

The production is carried out under consideration of all appropriate requirements.

Quality and Production

As raw materials for the RC products, GELSENROT® exclusively uses materials like brick rubble, demolished concrete and road construction waste. The suitability of the materials is ensured by continuous internal control checking, as well as by quarterly external monitoring by an independent engineering bureau.

The mineral residual materials are broken up and are classified with modern treatment plants. This results in a standardised, reproducible product. Two different groups, in the form of recycling sand 0/6, as well as recycling gravel 0/45, can be offered in principle. Other than is the case with the widespread approach being traditionally used, the recycling sand 0/6 is not derived from advance screening, with relatively undefined grain size distribution. For the production of GELSENROT® Recycling products, the raw materials used are broken up in sum total. Hence, the RC sand 0/6 distinguishes itself by a selective sieving curve. The recycling gravel 0/45 complies with the quality determinations for recycling construction materials and is suitable as a frost protection and gravel support layer.