Good reasons for a green roof!

A planted roof provides both environmental and economic benefits. For instance, green roofs contribute to the improvement of the urban climate through the production of oxygen and CO2 sequestration. Also, dust and dirt particles are filtered out of the air and create new habitats for plants and insects.

Besides the additional thermal insulation and heat storage for buildings, planted roofs signify a considerable relief for urban sewer systems owing to the buffer and retardation effect of the rain water discharge.

The basis of all roof substrates from the house of GELSENROT is Porlith.

Porlith is a fired clay schist that, due to its high water retention capacity and good structural stability, constitutes the ideal material for vegetation substrates when planting high up from the ground.

GELSENROT roof substrates are subject to continuous internal control checking in the factory laboratory, as well as to external monitoring through officially certified institutes (acc. to FLL "Directive for the design, construction and maintenance of green roofs" - Green Roof Directive – 2008 edition).

All roof substrates from the house of GELSENROT are also declared acc. to DüMV.

Delivery of the roof substrates can be through blowing from a silo truck free to the roof, or it can be loosely piled, or delivered in big bags or sacks.