Tree Substrates

For new plantings of trees and/or in the case of site remediation, pay attention to a suitable vegetation base layer for filling the planting pits. In addition to a sufficiently high water permeability and maximum water capacity, permanent ventilation must also be ensured.

The substrates of the GELSENROT company fulfil these criteria and thus secure a positive growth development of the tree.

GELSENROT Tree Substrates are subject to continuous internal control checking in the factory laboratory, as well as to external monitoring through officially certified institutes. (acc. to FLL "Recommendations for tree nurseries; Part 2: Location preparations for new planting; planting pits and root zone expansion, construction methods and substrates", 2010 edition).

GELSENROT Tree Substrates meet the requirements
according to FLL:
  • structurally stable and compression-stable
  • high proportion of air-conducting macropores > 19 % of total pore volume
  • high degree of water permeability
  • excellent nutrient supply
  • maximally low content of organic substance

All roof substrates from the house of GELSENROT are also declared acc. to DüMV.

GELSENROT Tree Substrates can be supplied from our production works in Bottrop, Messel and Freiberg (Saxony) at low cost throughout Germany and to neighbouring countries