Plant Substrates

HYGROMIX®-Plant Substrate on the road to success

Peat is added to most plant substrates, with premature decomposition as a result. Planted areas subside and must be filled again. But these are only the visible disadvantages. Much more serious is that the vegetation conditions also regress with time. Shrinking pore volume means pore loss and lower water and air capacity.

With HYGROMIX® Plant Substrates, this has been taken care of: HYGROMIX® Plant Substrate is volume-stable.

Through the use of Porlith, they contain mineral materials and organic component parts in a fixed structure.
Owing to the present harmful environmental impacts, plants in the ground must be offered optimum prerequisite conditions so that they can develop and thrive well.

HYGROMIX® Plant Substrates meet these requirements.

HYGROMIX® Plant Substrate is basically manufactured from our own extracted raw materials in our blending premises at:

  • 64409 Messel
  • 46240 Bottrop and
  • 09599 Freiberg (Saxony)

As a result, we are independent and do not need to depend on the already strained resources of peat and other natural materials.
GELSENROT Plant Substrates are subject to continuous internal control checking in the factory laboratory, as well as to external monitoring through officially certified institutes. (acc. to FLL or with examination report).
All Plant Substrates from the house of GELSENROT are also declared acc. to DüMV.

Delivery of the Plant Substrate can be in loose piles, or in big bags or sacks.