Roof Substrates

HYGROMIX® Silo Mixture M
for extensive planting in single-layer construction method

The well-proven blowable substrate for extensive planting in single-layer construction method meets the requirements of the FLL directive for extensive planting.


Garage planting, Hamm
Horni Pocernice, Czech Republic
Forum Tanhallen-Street, Duisburg
Ostermann, Bottrop
Ostermann, Bottrop

HYGROMIX® Silo Mixture M is a further development of the proven HYGROMIX® roof substrate for extensive single-layer construction and has proved itself due to its structural stability and high water storage capability. The stable volume guarantees that any large-scale settlement will not occur after installation. The high mineral content ensures permanent drainage. However, it should be considered that, in case of a single-layer design, the slope has to be greater than 2%.

The individual components are premixed uniformly in the factory in a dosing unit. HYGROMIX® Silo Mixture M is particularly well suited for extensive planting with dry or wet seeding, as well as for planting with seedlings.

Delivery of the roof substrates can be through blowing from a silo truck free to the roof, or it can be loosely piled, or delivered in big bags or sacks.