Roof substrates

HYGROMIX® Roof Substrates
How can the substrate get to the roof without too much cost...?

... well, for example, like this!
... directly onto the roof by silo vehicle
HYGROMIX® Roof substrates
for any known planting system: extensive, intensive, underground car park, pitched roof
  • More than 20 years of experience in the green roof field
  • over 3 million m² planting with HYGROMIX ®
  • Proven quality
  • subject to continuous internal control checking in the factory laboratory, as well as to external monitoring
  • Environmentally friendly production: with minimum energy consumption, without destroying natural resources
  • Impressive raw materials: e.g. higher water capacity than lava or expanded shale
  • Safe, secure "Handling“
  • Perfect disposition of our own vehicles and central location of the production plants for reasonable, affordable prices
  • Expert advice on site by trained field staff