Tree Substrates

HYGROMIX® Tree Substrate HUMIN
... more than just soil!

With the Hygromix Tree Substrate HUMIN we have succeeded in developing a tree substrate that guarantees long-term availability of nutrients and also fosters the development of the root system to a particular extent.

Consciously, the use of non-mineralised organic matter, e.g. compost, was renounced during the development of the tree substrate. Rather, so-called mineralised organic matter, which is rich in stable humic matter, is being used. Its biological activity is clearly available longer than is the case with other organic matter and therefore offers a long-term availability of nutrients.

By an especially developed method, we have succeeded in distributing the humic matter well and homogeneously throughout the entire substrate. Through this, with the Hygromix Tree Substrate HUMIN we have managed to achieve an increase of the caution exchange capacity as well as an improvement of the implementation of the nutrient elements and the nitrogen absorption.

Hygromix Tree Substrate HUMIN is available for the Planting Pit Design Type 1 as well as Planting Pit Design Type 2 (Hygromix Tree Substrate HUMIN ÜBB) of the FLL (for single-layer as well as multi-layer construction).